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Millions of people use natural-looking dentures for treating severe cases of tooth loss. These devices consist of prosthetic teeth that are secured to a gum-colored base.

When high-quality dentures are worn, they provide the user with the appearance and function of a complete set of healthy, natural teeth. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, the dentures of today are more effective and more natural-looking than ever before. Indeed, dentures have successfully helped countless people overcome tooth loss and lead normal, fulfilling lives.

Missing teeth are a serious problem that affects people from all walks of life. When teeth are lost, facial appearance will be severely impacted, and simple tasks like chewing food and speaking become difficult. Other issues may include jawbone deterioration, severe bite imbalances and unwanted tooth shifts. That is why it is very important that tooth loss is treated as quickly as possible. Modern dentures represent one of the most effective methods for dealing with tooth loss because of their excellent performance and superb durability.

At Jacksonville Gentle Dentistry, one of our top goals is to provide patients suffering from tooth loss with top-quality dentures that will significantly improve their life. Our dentures are created from the finest materials available in order to ensure that they last as long as possible and function effectively.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures use dental implants to remain secured at all times. Once they have been installed, they will never be able to be removed except through oral surgery. The main advantage that fixed dentures offer is that they are extremely steady and secure. Many patients with fixed dentures often forget that they ever lost their teeth in the first place. When cared for properly, fixed dentures will last a lifetime.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures don’t rely on any type of dental implants for support. Instead, they remain in place using suction and by gripping tightly around the remaining jawbone. Since no implants need to be installed, there is no need for any oral surgery. Traditional dentures can also be taken out at any time for easy cleaning. Overall, traditional dentures are ideal for patients who are unable to have dental implants installed or simply do not want to go through surgery.

Denture Stabilization

Denture stabilization involves installing permanent dental implants for the purpose of supporting a set of removable dentures. This type of setup will provide the security and stability of fixed dentures, along with the convenience of removable dentures. Whenever the dentures are in use, they will remain steady and secure using the strong support from the implants that have been inserted into the jawbone. But when it’s time for cleaning, the user will be able to take out their dentures and easily access every part of the appliance. The user will then be able to easily re-insert their dentures for general use.

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Shelby Miller

I love my dentist! No pain and a great experience with everyone in the office. Been a patient for ten years and will never leave.

Makayla Fleck

I have been going to Jacksonville Gentle Dentistry for a little over a year now for my cleanings and dental checkups. Dr, Nadji and the entire staff are so welcoming, educated, and overall simply amazing. From seeing Ali at the front desk to Brittany taking my x-rays and Samantha doing my cleanings, I am always receiving 5* service every time I come into the office. Thank you guys for being the best dental office in Jacksonville!

Lynn Gallina

I chose Dr. Nadji after my dentist of 30 years retired. I was stunned by the state of the art technology that is used throughout the practice. Dr. Nadji and her entire staff are so helpful and caring. There is no rushing, everything is explained completely and your comfort is very important to them. Consummate professionals and I would not hesitate to recommend!
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