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Millions of people receive root canal treatment every single year to save an infected tooth. The procedure has a remarkably high success rate and is extremely safe.

A root canal, also known as endodontic therapy, is performed when a tooth’s soft inner pulp becomes infected. The pulp of a tooth is filled with nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. Normally, this material is protected by the hard enamel on the exterior surface, but a deep cavity or mouth injury can cause the interior pulp to become infected. In this type of situation, a root canal is needed to restore the tooth and save it from extraction.

Patients should be on the lookout for symptoms that might indicate that they require a root canal. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Intense, painful toothache
  • Temperature sensitivities
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Abscesses on the gums

When providing root canal treatment, our team starts by making some necessary preparations. The first step is to take digital X-rays of the tooth and the surrounding area. Next, we provide appropriate anesthesia to help the patient remain comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Our practice offers local anesthesia and laughing gas as methods of sedation. Finally, we place a rubber sheet around the tooth. This is called a dental dam, and it is used to keep the tooth dry and to prevent the infection from spreading during the procedure.

The root canal procedure begins with using specialized tools to access the inside of the tooth from the top. We then clean the interior structure of the tooth, removing any infectious material that is present. An antimicrobial liquid is then applied in order to flush the tooth out all the way down to the root. Once the tooth is clean, a medicated filling substance is applied to promote healing and to provide structure for the treated tooth. The procedure is finished by capping the structure with a dental crown. This will protect the tooth from fractures or any additional damage. The patient will be able to use the tooth normally after recovery.

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Shelby Miller

I love my dentist! No pain and a great experience with everyone in the office. Been a patient for ten years and will never leave.

Makayla Fleck

I have been going to Jacksonville Gentle Dentistry for a little over a year now for my cleanings and dental checkups. Dr, Nadji and the entire staff are so welcoming, educated, and overall simply amazing. From seeing Ali at the front desk to Brittany taking my x-rays and Samantha doing my cleanings, I am always receiving 5* service every time I come into the office. Thank you guys for being the best dental office in Jacksonville!

Lynn Gallina

I chose Dr. Nadji after my dentist of 30 years retired. I was stunned by the state of the art technology that is used throughout the practice. Dr. Nadji and her entire staff are so helpful and caring. There is no rushing, everything is explained completely and your comfort is very important to them. Consummate professionals and I would not hesitate to recommend!
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